Our Facilities


Operatic, artistic, iconoclast, sensual and enigmatic are just some of the words that have been used to describe The Donkey Bay Inn. As you enter through the intriguing garden tunnel and come out into the inn’s private courtyard, we are sure you’ll find your own words for the unique and wonderful world of Donkey Bay.


Fully energy sufficient and cooled under a huge living roof, this architectural masterpiece will truly take your breath away with its cavernous rooms, imaginative angles and breath-taking views at every turn. 

There is only one Donkey Bay Inn...


The Sitting Room and Bar

With its soaring eight-metre ceilings, this is the largest room in the inn and offers a feast for the senses. Princess Margaret on water skis backs a pre-war map of Europe. Grecian columns, giant urns, and a curved, plush velvet conversation couch surrounding a solo drum for a table are just some of the weird and wonderful highlights of this extraordinary space. In winter, gather around the over-sized, castle-like tiled fireplace, and in summer open up both sides of the room to let in the cool sea breezes. Enjoy a glass of the owner’s acclaimed wine, or a Donkey Bay gin and then take a short stroll to the restaurants of Russell.

The Library

Defined by wood and water, the Inn’s library has aged leather armchairs under atrium-height walls of sailing ships and flags. Books abound and cool summer breezes waft garden scents through double set of French doors. Light and airy by day, embracing and reclusive by night. Curl up, feel safe, and explore a world of words and ideas.


The Patio & Courtyard

Linking the bush and the sea is a broad, sheltered, almond-shaped terrace, shaded by olive trees. A secluded and tranquil place to relax any time of the day or night, it’s also a great place to gather with friends and family. A wine tasting? Why not – the owner’s family has been making wine for centuries.

Back to Nature

Along the path down to our secluded, sandy beach you’ll encounter an extraordinary sculpture – a perfect place to meditate or re-energise. The short walk leads you to a naturist beach. ‘Going natural’ on this beach is not mandatory, but you always have the option of taking a right turn to Long Beach for more conventional sunbathing.